Many Accident Victims Appreciate What Victoria Blatterman Provides

March 20, 2019
Victoria went into the law; to help people who need legal help to deal with those who might be doing them wrong. Currently, Victoria works as a law clerk with the prominent Charleston-based George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers. The Sink Form is a personal injury law firm whose mission it is to help the victims of accidents caused by another’s negligence recover as much of their lives and their wealth as possible. As part of a legal team, Victoria Blatterman helps injured parties deal with the insurance adjusters and the other side's attorneys in a way that brings about the best possible settlement. Failing that, they will always work for the best possible verdict, should the case have to go to court.

As a valued member of the litigation team, Victoria Blatterman plays a key role in helping injured parties recover from insurance companies representing the responsible party or parties. She feels they deserve the compensation necessary to recover from the damages and losses they suffered, including medical bills and lost wages or other income. That is why The Sink Firm has been doing this for 35 years so far and also why they appreciate Victoria Blatterman as part of their team.

Inside Victoria Blatterman’s Fight for Accident Victims

September 21, 2018
Victoria Blatterman

One of the main reasons Victoria Blatterman can be found at George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers in Charleston. South Carolina, where she works as a law clerk, is because this is how she fulfills her lifelong commitment to her community. Through her work with the Sink form, she does her part to lessen the plight of people who have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence. The Sink Firm is counted among the best personal injury law firms in the Charleston. South Carolina are and she is quite proud of the work she does with a legal team that fights so hard for those who need the help they offer.

People who have been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else should not have to pay to restore their lives. The negligent party or parties should have to be responsible for all injuries and other damages. Accident victims are entitled to compensation for the healthcare they need to get back to work, as well as for lost wages or other income. There is a catch, however; they must work out the details with insurance companies or parties with deep pockets and a team of lawyers, who want to pay as little as possible. That’s what Victoria Blatterman does; she helps those in need.